Studio Produced Shows

Master Plan

A business talk show focused on empowering underrepresented communities.

By Invitation

An American late-night talk show, featuring the brightest and best of New York's local music scene

The Culture Dome

A fun show focused on all things hip hop culture including music, fashion, social justice activism, health, and wellness, financial literacy and more

The Vanguard

The Vanguard covers current events in culture, politics, and economics with an emphasis on the realistic call to actions for viewers. Hosted by Jamell Hendersen taped in New York City.

Bayou's Corner

#1 show for youth mental health. Jasmine interviews up and coming artists and influencers to discuss how they cope with mental health challenges.

Savvy Underdog

Intimate Conversations with fine artists in their most comfortable space

YB Concerts

Showcasing performances on Young Boss Media

YB Community

Media coverage of community organizations in New York City

Virtual Shows

Banana Kelly

Media covering the current efforts of South Bronx housing organization that survived the 1970’s Bronx is Burning era by community organizing 

DC 1707

Media coverage of the last year of labor union District Council 1707/AFSCME

Ruby & Friends

Talk show hosted by entrepreneur Ruby Chisolm focused on empowered older women business owners

Make Lemonade

7 business women meet up every week to have girl talk about trending topics and current events in the African American community.

Royale Tea

 Money Mangement Specialist Queen Candace offers young entrepreneurs financial tips that she learned while paying off her $50,000 debt.

People Always Ask

Trauma Therapist Chantelle Doswell,  answers frequently asked questions every Thursday at 7:30

Know Thy Shelf

a Podcast hosted by Dr. Walter Hidalgo bridging the gaps between hip hop culture, spirituality and social justice.

Mentorship Calls

Virtual program, host by Monica Sekhmet Grant , showing young adults different opportunities that exist in the world by having conversations with leaders in diverse industries

Young Boss News

Honest conversations about the world that Young enterpreneurs live in, hosted by Jamell Henderson