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Mind Your Business and Prosper

MIND YOUR BUSINESS AND PROSPER by Monica Sekhmet Grant. Young Boss Media.

Young Boss Media has just launched the premiere for its book Mind Your Business and Prosper, which is set to release on August 17, 2020.

At the age of 10, Monica Sekhmet Grant knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur. Her goal is to help others become the best version of themselves. Monica wants to produce high-quality media content that has a positive and long-term socio-economic impact on millennials from underrepresented communities. With activism and entrepreneurship running through her blood, it was Monica’s goal to set up a platform where dreamers, artists, and entrepreneurs can highlight their talent. Through this all she has created her company Young Boss Media. Today I am here interviewing the CEO and author Monica Sekhmet Grant about her new release.

What is your book about?

Mind your business and prosper is an autobiographical self-help workbook based on my experiences. The book is about the mentality that young entrepreneurs must have in order to be successful now. You don’t have to wait to be successful. I was always upset that people looked towards only the Jay-Z’s or the Beyonce’s as light beams of success, when there's people in our communities that are prosperous, they take care of their family, they are good people who never get credit or people don’t consider them to be successful because maybe they still live a humble life and don’t drive fancy cars, but they’re extremely successful. The book is about the morals and integrity that someone must have in order to live a fulfilled life. It is meant to inspire and help young people and adults to find their own path. It is okay to be unique and to be you. “Mind Your Business and Prosper” is the “Think & Grow Rich” of this generation, and Monica Sekhmet Grant is our Napoleon Hill.

What is the meaning behind the title “Mind Your Business and Prosper”?

Mind Your Business and Prosper is a playoff of two things. One, black culture and black folks saying “Mind your business” meaning to focus on yourself. The second is a play off of the book that inspired me Think & Grow Rich. MInd your business means, not just mind your business and don't worry about anybody else, but to really think about what is your business; its your health, your mind, your family, your community, the politicians that claim to represent you, the quality of water, the increasing rent, and air quality are all a part of your business. Really focusing on your business and not worrying about what everybody else is doing. … When we are not minding our business, we get mad when other people tell us what to do in “our communities” because they've been minding our business but we haven't been focused on the master plan.

Apart from this being based on you, how can you relate to the book?

I never had a book or business mentor when I was young. It was just me figuring out things and luckily the internet came along and I could research more. As far as having a mentor… business mentor that looked like me and spoke like me there was noone so that’s why this book is important to me.

How long did it take to write the book? Did you get help from someone or created it all on your own?

I wanted someone to help me ghost write it. When I went to Fiverr and saw what they did, I was like no this is not what I want… so the truth is no one can write my story. That is a Young Boss Media lesson, I’ve experienced it on the editing side of videos… no one is going to do it the way you want it Monica, so sit down and write it yourself. Other people have been brought on board to edit the book because one, we don’t want any mistakes in the book, but also I want to know if this is readable? Does this make sense? is it good? As far as how long it took, quarantine, I gave birth to this during the quarantine 2020.

What were your biggest challenges when writing this book?

The biggest challenge is knowing when enough is enough. There are so many lessons that I forget that I know, but I’m actively implementing them every single day. Sometimes during this process I'm reminded that ‘oh that’s something you could talk about. So really limiting the book is one of my biggest challenges because I have so many gems that I want to give, you know, so that’s the biggest challenge right now.

What inspired you to write this book?

My goal is to make a humongous impact while I am on this planet. The people that I know have impacted me, they’ve all written books. I haven’t met Master P, I haven’t met J Prince, I’ve never met Napoleon Hill, I never met Maya Angelou, I’ve never met Malcolm X, I’ve never met lots of people physically, but I’ve met them through their books. I’m a reader and books have inspired me and really changed my life. I know while we believe we have a generation of people who don’t want to read… I think leaders will always be readers. What inspired me to write this book is during the quarantine I never stopped believing that it was time for Young Boss Media to launch globally, I knew that if it were A recession or depression we would thrive because we are actually out here for the people. My inspiration comes entirely from wanting to make the biggest impact. I want to impact a billion lives; whether it’s with shows, podcasts, public speaking or with this book. I want to make sure my life wasn’t just mediocre. writing this book is definitely part of my legacy and my work.

Did anyone inspire you? Family, friends, significant others?

As part of who inspired me, I’m inspired by life… my mother is a humongous inspiration, she took care of her family… didn't mind getting up and leaving and going to the best environment for her family. My father he’s an actor and I get a lot of my dramaticness from him and he's just a good guy. My brother, he’s so supportive. My VP inspires me, he’s so smart and I’m just really surrounded by great people. People inspire me, people tell me ‘Monica I love hearing you speak about this’ ‘Monica I support you. Keep going sis’ whether it’s facebook instagram, its just in passing, sometimes people would hit me up out of the blue and send me a text saying ‘yo I just want to let you know I’m proud of you, I don’t want to go another day not letting you know I’m proud of you’. Things like that, I live an inspired life.

What would you like the people from this generation to learn or take away from your book?

Be yourself and really thrive in that space, thrive in the gifts you were given, thrive in your everyday experiences, live in the presence, really live in the presence and be an amazing person. That’s what I want this generation to get, live big, do not shy away from who you are. I’ve tried to do it, it didn't work, it made me depressed. I want to tell as many young people to live extremely big and living big also means that you now have the responsibility of helping other people, helping other people live a good life, and helping other people live a big fulfilled life. I’m not here to tell you how to become a billionaire, there's books out there for that, great books, but if you are negative if you don't believe in yourself, love yourself, you won't even be able to attract those resources of how to become a billionaire trillionaire whatever you want because you're blocking your blessings. That's what I want the next generation to do, live big, wholly, loving, eat well, think well, love well, and that is the true essence of success, happiness.

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