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Hosted by Monica Sekhmet Grant, Mentorship Call is a virtual talk show, highlighting successful entrepreneurs and humanitarians from around the world and their road to success. Mentorship Call speaks to the aspiring entrepreneur to raise awareness on unique industries, and opportunities, and proven strategies to navigate the many challenges of entrepreneurship. 

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Growing up, business mentors that looked like me were limited. I want to close the global wealth gap by extracting information that can help apsiring entrepreneurs overcome obstacles that I had to experience. With media, there is a major opportunity to educate the next generation of business owners and investors. I'm happy to be a mentor and be mentored during every interview. 

Monica Sekhmet Grant, Host

Past Episodes

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Topic: Women's Health From South African and Beyond

Topic: First Black Female Pilot who Flew Nelson Mandela 

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Topic: Inspiring the Next Generation of Pilots

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Topic: Starting an African Safari Business 

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Topic: Make Your Money in Gold

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Topic: Being a Women in Maritime

Topic: Business Opportunities in Rwanda 

Topic: How to become a Ted Talk Speaker 

Topic: Recovering from Covid and Staying Healthy 

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Topic: Youth Empowerment