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Young Boss Media,  incorporated in New York and based in Chelsea, produces media that will empower women, youth, and aspiring entrepreneurs around the planet to gain ownership over their image, voice, and economic & political future. Our generation has been marked by rapidly changing economies, high unemployment, job automation, social media addiction, student loan debt, police brutality, social justice movements,  and now a global pandemic. 

With so many disruptions changing the way our society functions, mainstream media is still under-represented in gender, age, ethnicity, and sexual status. This lack of representation excludes our communities from obtaining information and resources that have the power to enhance our ability to survive and succeed in a challenging and confusing world. Young Boss Media is on a mission to change that!

We are building a global multi-media network for content creators from historically marginalized communities to produce and distribute high-quality media content that has a positive and long-term socio-economic impact on communities underrepresented in mainstream media.

Young Boss Media is led by its founder Monica Sekhmet Grant, a former labor organizer and now global media activist and entrepreneur. Monica's vision is to transform the world by training members of our communities to become empathetic media activists who think globally, while addressing issues on a local level. 

Meet The Young Bosses

President & CEO

"I create my own world, I am living my best life, I look for ways to serve my community. "

These are just a few of the mantras that Monica Grant adheres too. As CEO of Young Boss Media Inc., her mission is clear - To produce high-quality media content that has a positive and long-term socio-economic impact on millennials from underrepresented communities. With activism and entrepreneurship running through her blood, it was Monica’s goal to set up a platform where dreamers, artists, and entrepreneurs can highlight their talent.

Dr. Raphael Eluemuno Ajalie

Vice President

H.E. Dr. Arc Raphael Eluemuno Ajalie is an international businessman and humanitarian, determined to help the world by uplifting women and children. Raphael is the founder of the Reocomm conglomerate and Vice President of Young Boss Media with special emphasis on Initiatives on the African continent and with the African Diaspora. Raphael is a member of the Forbes Business Council, the World Business Angel Investment Forum, and the State of the African Diaspora Parliament. 

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Chris Patterson

Creative Director

Chris is an independent filmmaker and music producer. He is a multimedia specialist with a background in Digital Cinematography and storytelling. Using the vibrant streets of New York City as his classroom, he perfected his craft - capturing dynamic still photos that demonstrate his understanding of cinematic language. With several years in the Commercial Production Industry, Chris has incredible insight into the current state of media & storytelling. He’s managed commercial productions for some of the city’s biggest advertising agencies serving as 2nd Assistant Director. Chris is the Senior Creative Director at Young Boss Media.

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Producers and Hosts

  • Chantelle Doswell

    Chantelle Doswell is a creative anti-oppressive mental health therapist, adjunct professor at Columbia University, and host of Young Boss Media's The Culture Dome.

  • Raj James

    It is his love of art in all its forms. His passion for voice. His connections to sound.  His admiration of the acting craft. He is an advocate of self-expression as he too is a creative and understands the perils that face the independent artist. And it is this bonding of colorful minds that brought Raj to create a platform for artist to showcase their crafts – By Invitation.


  • Jasmine Ballew

     Jasmine is a producer at Young Boss Media, and host of her own talk show, Bayou’s Corner. Her episodes are directed towards bringing awareness to the epidemic of mental health in all its forms; especially for African Americans and women.

  • Queen Candace

    Queen Candace is a self-taught Money Management Specialist from Brooklyn, NY with a Bachelors's in Psychology. Her mission is to help the black community switch to a wealth mindset through financial literacy, financial planning, and financial therapy.

  • Jamell Henderson

    Jamell is a highly energetic, humorous and charismatic man who has a great heart in serving and encouraging the people. Jamell is a highly energetic, humorous and charismatic man who has a great heart in serving and encouraging the people. 

  • Trena B Real

    "Make Lemonade" Co-Host

    Trena B. Real is SAG-AFTRA Actress / stand up comedian born Port Arthur Texas (same city as Janis Joplin and southern rapper Pimp C.) After the death of her oldest brother Floyd she stepped out on Faith and starting pursing a full-time career as a working Actress.


    Yaminah Legon

    Yaminah Legohn is an artistic director, producer, choreographer, motivational speaker, professional dancer, host, entrepreneur and dance educator with a BA in Speech Communications & Dance with over 1.7 Million views on YouTube.


    Dr. Walter Hidalgo

    Walter is a father, teacher coach and world traveler. He holds a doctorate from New York Theological Seminary where his work focused on the intersectionality between socio-spiritual movements and Hip-hop. He is also the author of the critically acclaimed book, Beyond the Four Walls: The Rising Ministry and Spirituality of Hip-hop. When he's not teaching he enjoys traveling, working out, the beach, spending time with his daughter and eating sushi!

  • Jasmine “J Rose” Rosario

    JRose is a spoken word artist born and raised in Queens, NY. Her love for music inspired her to start writing poetry over 20 years ago. In 2015 she decided to take her poetry from paper to the stage and since then she's grown into a Powerhouse in the creative community. 

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